Twitter launches a call for projects for measure of the “serenity” of the conversations

“We love to chat conversations, public, global. This is what Twitter and it is for this reason that we do this. But we had not fully anticipated or understood the negative consequences on the real world. We now recognize, and are committed to finding fair solutions. “In a series of tweets published Thursday, march 1, Jack Dorsey, co-founder and CEO of Twitter, talks about the problems faced by Twitter in recent years (” violence “, ” harassment “, ” armies of trolls “, ” manipulation “, ” misinformation “, etc) and initiates a call for help.

“We have concentrated most of our efforts on removing content that violates our rules, instead of creating a framework that would encourage debate and conversations, more healthy,” says Jack Dorsey. How to get there ? First, there should be, according to him, to be able to “measure the serenity conversations” on Twitter.

“We can’t do it alone “

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