Trumps advisor has provided a final list of candidates for governor.

President Donald Trump’s advisers have given him a final list of people who they recommend as candidates to lead the Federal Reserve, and have completed their job.

This is according to seven sources with transparency, according to Bloomberg News.

Two of the sources said that the current Fed-head Janet Yellen continues to be one of the candidates, even if few, if any, of Trump’s inner circle is that she will be re-elected. Trump would be able to choose a completely different candidate than those proposed, but several sources thought that this was unlikely.

Two of the sources said that Trump is considering the head of the national economic council Gary Cohn, a former Fed governor Kevin Warsh and the current Fed governor Jerome Powell. A fifth person, the Stanford economist John Taylor, is reported to also be under consideration.

It is known that Trump has been talking with Yellen, Cohn, Warsh and Powell if the Fed record.

The latest development shows that the Trump is closer to making a final choice than had previously been known.

The white house are looking at the same time after a new vice-head of the Fed. A total of four appointments to be made in the Fed: the head, deputy head and two governors.

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