Trump wins, inexorably, to the ” war agencies “

A sofa for two : Monday morning, November 27, Mick Mulvaney, the budget advisor to Donald Trump, has arrived for the Bureau of consumer financial protection (CFPB), two steps from the White House. He ran to occupy the office of the director and invited staff to come and share the donuts he had brought. His email was signed ” acting director “. The same morning, Leandra English has also sent an email to employees, explaining : “It is an honor for me to work for you. “She also has signed :” acting director “.

America has witnessed, dumbfounded, at the imbroglio that has engulfed the agency created under Barack Obama in order to facilitate the use of consumers against Wall Street. In the beginning of the week, it had two directors acting, the first republican, the second democrat.

It had all started the previous Friday, when its director, Richard Cordray, in open war with Donald Trump, had slammed the door of the CFPB and appointed his deputy acting director. The White House retaliated, sending its candidate to lead the agency, while the latter has not been confirmed by the Senate. On Tuesday night, a judge has whistled the end of recess, deciding that the candidate Trump would be the acting. In anticipation of possible twists and turns.

The case is indicative of the “war agencies” that reigns in Washington. Mr Trump has so far been unable to come to a vote by the Congress of decisive reforms, including the repeal of the law Obama on health care, but it is using its prerogatives, the presidential election.

“A president of the United States has a lot of power,” said Hillary Clinton to the World in September : “What you don’t see, is that the government and its ministers are doing much to bring the country back. They will cancel of the progress in the area of environment, [ … ]…

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