Trump stirred again the threat of tariffs on cars from the EU

President Donald Trump has explained yesterday to journalists that he thinks that he will get the upper hand on the European Union in the framework of business discussions that should take place in the coming months.

“It is very difficult to deal with the european Union”, said Mr. Trump to reporters from the White House on Tuesday.

He added : “We have all the cards in this region, because all we have to do is to tax their cars and they will give us everything we want, because they send millions of Mercedes. They send millions of BMW (DE:BMWG).”

This threat came after Trump has signed an agreement with the EU earlier this month to increase exports of us beef to the EU, which has partially relieved the american farmers who have been hard hit by the intensification of the trade war with China.

Thanks to this agreement, the annual exports of american beef are not subject àç rights douanne to the EU are expected to almost triple to $ 420 million.

Recall that Donald Trump had threatened to impose tariffs on vehicles and parts imported from the EU (and Japan) earlier this year, but then decided to postpone the customs duty of 180 days in mid-may.

Let us note to finish that the US president should meet with leaders of the EU at the summit of the G-7, which will be held this weekend in France, however, many observers expect that the summit will end with no joint communiqué because of differences over trade.

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