Trump sees the agreement with the UK, cooperation with China on north Korea.

U.S. president Donald Trump said at his meeting with the British prime minister, Theresa May, during the G20 summit that he hopes that soon they can land in a bilateral trade agreement between the united states and the united kingdom.

It is reported by Reuters.

”We are working on a trade agreement that will be a very very large contract, is a very strong agreement, for both countries. I think we can do it very very quickly,” said Donald Trump.

The uk can’t stop an individual agreement with the USA until they left the EU, which according to schedule shall be in the year 2019.

Donald Trump’s meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin lasted over two hours and both leaders seem to have been happy there after. It resulted inter alia in an agreement on ceasefire in parts of Syria, but also to set up a unit for cyber security. It later aroused, however, strong internal criticism in the united states and Donald Trump has subsequently tweeted that he does not believe that it can become a reality.

The meeting with China’s president Xi Jinping had a ton of consensus, where the two leaders agreed to cooperate on the two currently important issues: the nuclear threat from north Korea and bilateral trade issues that create friction.

”As regards north Korea , we will eventually gain success. It may take longer than I would wish. It may take longer than you would wish. But it will be success to the end in one way or another,” said Donald Trump.

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