Trump announced a trade agreement in part with China

Trump announced a trade agreement in part with China

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Donald Trump announced on Friday that the United States and China had reached a substantial agreement in the “first phase” of their commercial negotiations, agreeing on intellectual property, financial services and wholesale purchases of agricultural.

The first two economic powers of the planet are “very close” to put an end to the commercial war that they are engaging, added the american president, who was speaking after a meeting with the head of the chinese delegation, the vice-Prime minister Liu He.

This partial agreement could be signed by Trump and his chinese counterpart Xi Jinping at the meeting of the forum of Cooperation Asia-Pacific planned next month in Chile, added to the american leader.

According to his secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin, the two parties have reached an essential agreement on the key issues, but there is still work.

The us Trade representative Robert Lighthizer, announced for his part that the increase scheduled for next Tuesday the customs duties collected by the United States about $ 250 billion imports from China was suspended.

No decision however has been made for increases expected for the month of December.

(Jeff Mason; Henri-Pierre André for French service)

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