Trade : Europe fatalistic in the face of Donald Trump

Three months after the start of trade tensions with the United States, the Europeans now know what to stick to : their us ally is not a reliable partner. With the repudiation of the agreement on the iranian nuclear issue, the unilateral cancellation of the historic summit with the north Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, Donald Trump multiplied the proofs of his unpredictability, of his obsession with campaign promises to his electorate, the national, and the few cases that it makes its allies, yet historical.

Thursday, may 24, the u.s. president suddenly launched into a new battle by asking its teams to check if the import automobiles in the United States have not threatened national security. The same argument had been held in march to justify his desire to impose taxes on imports of steel and aluminum, the taxes deemed to be unfair, even ridiculous, by the Europeans, surplus chinese being the major responsible for the difficulties of steel-american, but also european, in recent years. “It is in the demonstration of strength childish, the argument is purely electoral before the mid-term elections in November “, slides, exasperated, a european leader.

“We are waiting for the Tweet ”

In the meantime, the Europeans seem to have become fatalists. Mr. Trump will decide he finally taxed at 25 % in their exports of steel and 10 % aluminum, on June 1, the deadline he has fixed a month ago ? Will be there only for import quotas or will he, miracle, up to remove permanently these threats ? “No one knows anything, including no doubt in the us administration,” says a source in brussels high-placed. “We are waiting for the Tweet from Trump,” repeat the diplomats.

This american strategy of destabilization permanent-does it pay ? For the moment, not really. Donald Trump actually won…

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