Tom Enders calls for Macron and Merkel, ” a new space vision for Europe “

Tom Enders is a paratrooper of the genre commando. Has a year of his departure, the president of Airbus Group can take all the risks, including the shoving of the leaders of the two countries at the origin of the most beautiful industrial success of Europe. Without warning, he therefore jumped at the Elysée palace and the chancellery to say that there is danger in the home space. In a letter addressed to Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel, revealed by the website The Tribune Monday, June 18, it “strongly recommends” to ” define, in co-operation with the industry, a new spatial vision, new projects and ambitious new policies for Europe “.

Their countries have been the “nations preeminent” of Europe in space, it is their responsibility to ” take the lead “. The sector should even be part of a treaty of the Elysée renovated ” (January 1963 sealing the franco-German reconciliation). The Old Continent needs, according to Enders, “independent access” to space at the time where it may be colonized by Americans – tomorrow the Chinese and the Indians – far more enterprising. The procedures are too cumbersome, any program to be approved by the 22 member countries of the european space Agency, and the interventionism of the States incompatible with the rapid adaptation of the aerospace industry, but also defence.

“Major Tom “, as it is known in germany, is neither more nor less the lesson to be Macron and Merkel, as he is claiming, once more, a “governance space” where the entrepreneurial urge would be supported – not hampered – by the political authority. Follow his eyes… What he wishes, it is a little marriage of Donald Trump and Elon Musk. At the end of 2014, Enders had met the billionaire californian, whose company Space X had to reduce by 30 % the price of the launch of the satellite with its rocket Falcon 9. “I thank thee,…

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