“Thoroughbred “, the dangerous turn of Ferrari

It will be called ” Thoroughbred “, the “pure-blood” in Italian, in reference to the legendary prancing horse that adorns the grilles of the most famous automotive brand in sports in the world. It is thus a thing to be decided, Ferrari will also have its SUV. The new boss of the brand, Louis Camilleri, who was the successor to the iconic Sergio Marchionne, who died on the 25th of July, was confirmed on 18 September, during the presentation to the press of the new strategic plan of the company.

The leaders of the Ferrari are well aware that the purists of the brand with the red cars do not appreciate this turn perilous. The choice of a 4 × 4 prancing horse is not completely served at the headquarters of Maranello, near Bologna. While making his announcement, Mr Camilleri stressed that he “hated to hear the SUV in the same sentence as Ferrari” and ensured that the model has been created ” will be unique in many ways. This will be without error, a Ferrari with features that have never been seen before “.

It was Sergio Marchionne himself who had made this decision a sacrilege in January, announcing then, perhaps carried away by his enthusiasm, that the vehicle could come out as early as the end of 2019. Finally, Thoroughbred will be marketed at the end of the strategic plan, i.e. by 2022. The height of blasphemy, ” FUV ” (Ferrari Utility Vehicle), to use the expression of Mr. Marchionne, will be widely electrified, as 60 % of the catalog of the manufacturer in four years.

Motivation is clearly financial

The convolutions of the patrons of the company will not change : in deciding to cross the Rubicon of style, the manufacturer with sixteen titles of world champion of F1 follows the course of the time, following the footsteps of many brands of sports cars.

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