“There are still many unknowns as to the actual effectiveness of the reform of the SNCF “

Chronic. There are ninety years ago, Rene Magritte was invited to question the reality of things, with its Treachery of images, the famous painting accompanied by the caption : “This is not a pipe. “The intention of the belgian surrealist was to give notice that the image of an object is not this object, and draw attention to the reports sometimes misleading between words and their representation. This reflection on the difference between perception and real-can be helpful about the reform of the SNCF. The drawing traced by the government, will he really upset our rail system ? At this stage, there is a great temptation to affix under the text, adopted definitively by the Parliament, the statement : “This is not a reform. “

What has been presented as a “big bang” of the old Société nationale des chemins de fer français has been completed smoothly. It only took four months for the government to enact a law much maligned by the unions, but whose philosophy is broadly supported by a majority of the French. The German model, which is relied on to justify the reform Emmanuel Macron has in particular adopted the strategy of Blitzkrieg, ” lightning war “, which is to hit hard and fast to subdue the enemy and get his unconditional surrender.

To have a chance to succeed, a reform must collect a minimum of consent on the part of the principal involved

The method has been effective to deliver a text on which many others before Mr. Macron had broken teeth. All the taboos – question the status of a railroader, transformation of the company into a société anonyme, a subsidiary of freight and railway stations fell one by one without a find the go-slow does not prevent anything. But the upheavals are they as deep as the frustration of the CGT and SUD-Rail could suggest ? Nothing is less sure. There are still…

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