There are fewer who have language test in the absence of not receive a degree

Reduced the number of people who language exam in the absence of don’t get higher education, their diplomas, said the Office of Education (OH) higher education deputy chairman of the M1 current channel on Tuesday.

Stéger Csilla announced that the 2016 sealed based on the data shows that 14 were thousands who didn’t last year’s final exams, but last year they got the language exam in the diploma, and 11 thousand students, who last year final examination, but has not received a certificate of the language test due to the lack of. He told that every year at least a thousand with a decrease of the “stuck” certificate number, but still significant.

The inside degree of the data based on the examination of the characteristic of said Stéger Csilla -the majority after graduation, within a year or two down the language exam, and it’s mostly the expert on features, in which not one, but two, or a professional language examination requirement. Indicated: the students of more than fifty percent of language study with arrive, “and this proportion is also a woman”.

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