The young geek that competition in the bitcoin

San Francisco, Moscow, Singapore, Paris, New Delhi, Bombay, Seoul, London, Tokyo, Haifa, hong Kong, Shanghai, Cancun… Since a year ago, Vitalik Buterin, 23 years old, travel a lot, and seems willing to keep this pace for a long time. Those who want to know in what country he lives in, this Canadian of Russian origin explains on his personal site, live ” in the aircraft of Cathay Pacific “. He travels the world of conferences, in seminars, to demonstrate the merits of the ether, the cryptomonnaie-mail that he invented at the age of 19 years, and Ethereum, the platform, responsible for managing the transactions ethers and the applications related to this currency.

The young man has nothing of a charismatic guru. Face of a teenager, body long and lean, he always appears dressed in jeans and a t-shirt on the cheap – he, whose fortune is counted in millions of dollars. Some find it sometimes strange and lonely, even a little autistic, but those who have worked with him are unanimous : this is a genius singular, the IQ is exceptional. He speaks quickly, in a tone at once intense and relaxed, perfectly at ease on all subjects related to electronic currencies : technique, theory, forward-looking… If it is expressed most often in English, he is proficient in Russian, a little French, and learnt for some time in china thanks to an app on her phone.

Unlike the inventor of bitcoin, anxious to remain anonymous, Vitalik Buterin takes his celebrity. It arises even in the intellectual leader of the community Ethereum, a group without boundaries, strong several tens of thousands of people, developers, entrepreneurs, engineers, activists, anarchists, speculators, as well as professionals from the finance classic. Wherever he goes, he sold out. Its interventions, disseminated on YouTube and Facebook, are analyzed, commented on, because its advice has almost the force of law. Between two conferences,…

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