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In partnership with many incubators, DS has created the first contest proposed by a firm of lawyers to destination for start ups. Elected by a prestigious jury, start-ups winners will have views to offer, at the awards evening We Law You June 8, 2017, a legal support to a value of 15 000 euros for the first prize, 10 000 euros for the second prize and 5,000 euros for third prize. The success met with by We Law You is strengthening DS in the success of its strategy in promoting the growth of the actors of the economy of the future, while reinventing themselves constantly.

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4 weeks, 39 cases, 20 incubators partners, 10 nominees, 9 jury members and 3 start-ups winners of the contest We Law You
Based on the innovative nature of the project, the entrepreneurial, the personality of the team, the originality of the bid, as well as on the business model and the economic development potential of the project, the assistance We Law You designated the 3 winners :
BHealthCare, invented by Aliaume Breteau and Jean Baptiste de Chaisemartin : automation of blood and shots of catheters ;
Tryon, founded by Jimmy Colomies, Sébastien Cagougnolle, Frederic Baude, Ahmed Bili : anaerobic digestion of local waste ;
My Job Glasses, created by Emilie Korchia and Frederic Voyer : platform help in the selection of the first job.
The 7 other nominated projects were Agriloops (farms aquaponiques the salt-water shrimp farming made in France) ; Data For Life (t-shirts, tracking physiological) ; and Ezy-Gain (rugs, re-education, intelligent) ; Heartbit (platform diagnostic cardiology) ; Market-and Private.Shop (marketplace 24/7 for the traders in the city centre) ; (platform helps in the reduction of condominium fees) and Pipplet (platform, language tests).
“We have created a true cover or, more precisely, a relationship of partnership with our award winners,” the head of the structures if they are innovative, remain young. Two qualifiers significant strength, and a certain fragility,” summarizes Daniel Chausse, President of DS Avocats.

A jury and incubators partners prestigious
The jury was composed of recognized professionals in the ecosystem of startups and innovation : Ning Li, Founder of and Myfab, for whom ” a legal support is important “, Claire Godron Investment Director at Partech Ventures, Marie-Christine Levet Founder of the fund Educapital, Alain Clot Former Director of Strategy at Société Générale, former Chairman of Crédit du Nord and of the SGAM, President France Fintech, Jean-Hervé Lorenzi, President of Cercle des Économistes, and a Member of the management Board of Edmond de Rothschild.

DS Avocats, a spirit startup company, a partner of the economic actors of tomorrow
“Resolutely turned towards entrepreneurship, we are always very attentive to the developments of an economic environment that is constantly in motion. More specifically, we wanted to draw on the creativity and agility that characterize the start-ups to instill within the firm that same spirit, which we think is the essential element to the accompaniment of changes in our business lawyer” concluded Daniel Chausse, President of DS Avocats.

We Law You accompanies innovation
DS Avocats is dedicated to start-ups, offers, and teams adapted, which have accompanied Eolisn Atkab Pharma,, MyFab, Bluebird, Flying Whales, MyPeasy, Exosun, etc, that are in creation, assistance with public financing, fund raising, acquisitions, industrial property, and all other requirements necessary for the protection and development of startups.

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We Law You enrolled in Know, Do, a signature emphasizing both the identity of the DS Group as well as the benefit expected by the customers.

Learn more about DS Group : founded in Paris in 1972, DS today brings together nearly 400 lawyers practicing within a network of 26 offices.

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