The wine fairs want to favour loyal customers

The wine fairs were 45 years of age, and, during all these years, retailers have sought to retain, beyond the general public, a customer specifies : the one who has a strong purchasing power and buys a lot of bottles. To draw in these fairs September, the hypermarket also offers them VIP events, tastings on measurement and the opportunity to buy before all the world. And as the supply of labels is rich, the set of buyers, and not just a privileged few, has long found his happiness. It is as well as the turnover achieved by large-scale distribution during the wine fairs has increased from 380 million euros in 2010, 515 million in 2017. A significant increase, when it is known that the large-scale distribution monopolizes 88 % of the wine sold in France.

But these fairs at two speeds eventually cause an imbalance : the privileged clients, who are often connoisseurs or well advised, do not leave on the shelf most all the beautiful bottles that the catalogs want to say. This has caused frustration to a large public. Also the vast distribution made it often back this year, so keep hand you the keys to success : reduce the privileges of the customer premium, in order to satisfy all the customers of a store, which, of course, buy less bottles during the fair, but are faithful throughout the year. And especially do not buy that wine. For the purpose of a fair is also to encourage the recipient of beautiful bottles to go for a stroll in all of the rays to put other products into her cart.

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The store Auchan in Roncq (North) achieves the largest sales of the hypermarkets in France, all products combined, during its wine fair : 1.2 million euro in a day. And this success is not without link with his cellar, one of the most rich and famous of France. Its director of purchasing wine, Xavier Leclerc, so he knows very well why he no longer wishes to prioritize certain customers : “a Lot of professionals – restaurateurs, sommeliers – try to buy during the fair to the wines. But they don’t come, they send collectors who buy on behalf of a corporation for resale to another. I fight against it. It happens to me even posting security guards to spot them. I want to please the maximum of people, including some grands crus classés of bordeaux, which are very coveted. “

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