The Weinstein Company officially registered in the balance sheet

The film studio founded by Harvey Weinstein and his brother Robert filed a formal balance sheet Monday, march 19, and announced an end to confidentiality agreements that imposed silence for victims and witnesses of sexual abuse of Harvey Weinstein. In a press release Monday evening, the directorate of the studio, The Weinstein Company (TWC), sued by several alleged victims of Harvey Weinstein and debt-ridden, has indicated that they have filed for bankruptcy.

It added that it had reached an agreement with an investment firm, Lantern Capital, for the recovery ‘in the substance of its assets and its employees”, even if this agreement remains to be confirmed by the bankruptcy court. “Even if we had hoped to arrive at a recovery to out-of-court, the board of directors is pleased to have a plan that maximizes the value of the assets and preserve as many jobs as possible and to render justice to the victims,” said Robert Weinstein, quoted in the press release. No encrypted information was provided regarding this acquisition agreement.

Confidentiality Clauses exercised

The TWC has also announced to discontinue “immediately” to the confidentiality clauses signed at the initiative of Harvey Weinstein, “to the extent that they prevented them from talking about individuals who have suffered or witnessed sexual abuse to Harvey Weinstein”. “Nobody should be afraid to express themselves or be forced to remain silent”, she assured. “The company is grateful to the brave individuals who have already taken the floor. Your voices have inspired a movement, a bearer of change for the country and the world.”

The TWC, prudent, does not say how many confidentiality agreements have been signed. If a hundred women have already accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual abuse ranging from harassment to rape, this announcement makes other revelations possible.

The public prosecutor of the State of New York, Eric Schneiderman, who had been assigned to the TWC in court in February, and prevented a return of the TWC for lack of provisions sufficient for the victims of Harvey Weinstein, welcomed the announcement. This “will allow voices that have been too long stifled to be able to finally be heard”, he responded in a press release, noting that its services would remain involved in the bankruptcy process to ensure the proper compensation and protection of victims.

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