The uk stands firm in its position to leave both the EU’s internal market and customs union.

The uk stands firm in its position to leave both the EU’s internal market and customs union.

It said the british brexitministern David Davis at a press conference on Monday after the first förhandlingsdagen.

He responded to a question against the background of the negotiations between the conservative Tories and northern ireland’s DUP has been completed to form a majority in the british parliament.

”The internal market requires that the four freedoms are complied with. So we will leave the single market, free trade area and customs union agreement”, he said.

”It is the only way we can develop our own trading relationship with the rest of the world,” he continued.

The EU’s chief negotiator, Michel Barnier said that the different scenarios and degrees of cooperation with the EU has different consequences.

The uk has previously wished to negotiate on both the exit and the future of the free trade agreement at the same time. Michel Barnier, called Monday’s decision, to comply with the EU27’s model is to first negotiate the withdrawal, and then the future of the relationship, logically.

”It’s not about to give concessions or not. It is about implementing the british decision to leave the EU,” he said.

”The consequences will be extensive. Please do not underestimate this. We are trying to reduce the negative effects,” he continued.

Michel Barnier assured that it was not about penalising the Uk or exact revenge. He reminded that the clock is ticking and that the united kingdom automatically leave the EU on 30 march 2019.

Regarding the order, said David Davis, to the principle ”nothing is agreed until everything is agreed” applies.

The two chefsförhandlarna decided to let his deputy chief Sabine Weyand (EUROPEAN union) and Oliver Robbins (the Uk) begin to discuss the technically difficult question of the border between Ireland and northern Ireland.

The goal is to preserve the northern ireland peace process and to avoid a ”hard” limit. However, solutions must be found for the goods and services that pass in and out of the EU’s internal market.

The issue of citizens’ rights is easier, ” said David Davis, who hoped for a quick settlement.

There are 3.2 million EU-27 citizens in the Uk and 1 million britons in the EU27.

”The rights of citizens must be protected. It is a matter of reciprocity”, said Michel Barnier.

During the hearing on Monday presented the british side any of your own suggestions. Instead used the time to EU27-side clarified their positions, said EU sources.

The british side is clearly not ready yet, which is a shame, ” said one EU source.

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