The uk has more to lose on the Brexit than Europe, according to S&P.

The uk has more to lose on the brexit than in Europe, but a brexit means a ”lose-lose”situation for both parties.

It said Moritz Krämer, head of government ratings at S&P, at a press briefing on Thursday, reports Bloomberg News.

He said that the uk election result reduces brexit-the options, that the british government does not have strong bargaining position and that an agreement with the northern irish DUP can lead to a softer brexit.

The head of credits said that the uk elections have reduced the risk of a new referendum in Scotland and a new british elections would increase the risk of a hard brexit.

A hard brexit would increase the pressure on the pound, according to him.

Moritz Krämer further said that the uk’s flows of foreign direct investment may weaken in the near future.

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