The uk government is aiming for the best possible Brexit-agreement.

The uk government is aiming for the best possible brexit-agreement and seeking wide consensus on the country’s future outside the EU.

It said Britain’s queen Elizabeth II, in her speech to parliament on Wednesday, where she presents the government’s agenda, according to Bloomberg News.

”My government’s priority is to secure the best possible contracts when the country leaves the european union. My ministers commit to working with the parliament, administrations, companies and others in order to build the broadest possible consensus on the future of the country but for the european union”, said the Queen.

Among other things, a upphävandelag be inserted to anchor the EUROPEAN rules in british law and immigration rules to the Uk power over immigration.

The queen further said that the government will try to ”maintain a deep and special partnership with the european allies”. The uk should, however, develop new trade relations around the world, and the government will support uk businesses to increase exports.

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