The uk admit that they have to pay the EU bill.

The uk has for the first time explicitly admitted that they have financial commitments towards the EU after brexit, which is likely to avoid a full-scale crash over utträdesräkningen in the negotiations with the EU next week.

It writes the Financial Times.

In a written statement to parliament that touches on a ”financial settlement” drew the attention of the government on Thursday that ”Britain has commitments to the EU…who will survive Britain’s exit – and these need to be resolved”.

The text, released by the Joyce Anelay, a brexit-minister, was seen immediately from the EU-direction as a potentially important development. EU diplomats said that the wording ”go further” than Theresa Mays earlier references to the united kingdom is willing to reach a ”fair settlement” of the unspecified commitments.

The EU estimates that the uk’s commitments uppår to approximately eur 100 billion.

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