The trades in the face of the digital transformation

In fifteen years, new technologies have invaded and turned the world upside down professional. These changes should continue, or even accelerate. The automation and digitization are fueling both hopes and fears. Hope work is less painful or progress, fear for the protection of the private life or a future without a job…

As well, an alarming report published in January 2016 by the World Economic Forum, organiser of the Davos forum (” The Future of Jobs “, see the PDF link), it was found that the fourth industrial revolution will result in a net loss of more than 5 million jobs in fifteen developed and emerging countries.

The other hand, 85 % of the jobs in 2030 do not exist today, the report says Dell and the Institute for the future (” Human/Machine Partnerships “, see the PDF link). In France, if certain jobs are threatened by the digitization of the economy, such as those of employees of banking agencies or the workers in the handling, other issues arise : the community manager, the data scientists, experts in cybersecurity, the Web advisors. And many transform.

Polarization enhanced

The Council of orientation for the employment (COE) has spent in 2017, two reports on ” Automation, digitization and employment to estimate the impact on employment. It appears that ” the hypothesis of a mass destruction of jobs is far from being proven. But it is clear that the innovations will be the source of a profound transformation of existing jobs “. In a context of automation, less than 10 % of the jobs accumulate vulnerabilities that could threaten its existence, and half of the jobs could see their content significantly or profoundly transformed.

The latest survey of the national Association for the employment of executives (Apec) specifies that the digital transformation reinforces the polarization of the growth of the market…

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