The Tesla ” Model 3 “, the iPhone of the car ?

Thirty employees of Tesla, the american manufacturer of electric cars, luxury founded by Elon Musk (also behind SolarCity and SpaceX) were awarded the “Model 3” that he had commissioned during a ceremony which saw their boss get himself on stage at the wheel of a red model full headlights.

Delivery announced in the beginning of the month in which the staging has reminded some observers, the launch of the iPhone in its time, a product that revolutionized the mobile technology as Tesla aims to revolutionise the mobility…

Two times less expensive than the previous models

These first deliveries, before the rise, which should see up to 5,000 of the vehicles out every week of the plants by the end of the year, marks an important step in the determination of Elon Musk to democratise the electric car. Has 35,000 $ (30,000 euros), the “Model 3” is two times cheaper than the “Model X” and the ” Model S “, which it resembles, in its more simple and a little smaller. The use of more steel and less aluminum, and the removal of one of the two control screens. The cost of the batteries (for which Tesla is currently building a massive plant designed to produce 500,000 per year) is also declining.

But the pace of expected production for the “Model 3” is a challenge for Tesla, which does not produce today that 20,000 copies per quarter, and periodically displays delays in delivery…

A million cars sold in 2020

All the more that the billionaire, who claims to have already saved half a million reservations ” mainly in the United States, aims 500.000 sales in 2018 and one million by 2020.

These ads will reassure her-they are some analysts who think it is too flat, the sales of the “Model S” and ” Model X “, which have reached nearly 50,000 copies in the first half of 2017 ?

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