The subsidiary of Tencent, ” China literature “, made the best entry in the Stock market since ten years in hong Kong

The secret of the last start-up of chinese vogue ? The oldest media in the world ! The platform books online ” China literature “, a subsidiary of the giant of the Web Tencent, has made a sensational entrance to the stock Exchange of hong Kong on Wednesday, 8 November. The company shares have gained 94 % shortly after the opening, valuing the platform at 9 billion euros, which is well beyond the forecasts of experts, which ranged between 5 and 7 billion euros. The aura and the ecosystem Tencent, a giant in the social network and the world leader in video games, second market capitalization of china behind Alibaba, is not there for nothing.

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The term literature in the name of the company is to be taken in the broad sense : most of the authors are amateur, and a majority of the publications are series grand public. The universe “heroic fantasy” is over-represented. But it is precisely the lightness and creativity of these platforms of reading that have made their success since the 1990s. While publishing in China is dominated by State-owned enterprises cautious which exclude any political subject or a little frivolous, young chinese come to pick up freshness on the Internet. The advent of smartphones, of which the Chinese are well equipped (95% of the 730 million chinese internet users connect from their mobile), blew up the market. At the end of 2016, the platforms of online reading had 333 million customers, a market estimated at 1.1 billion euros, according to official figures published on 2 July.

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