The start-up Happydemics up to 2 million euros to support its growth.

A fundraiser designed to accelerate the growth of start-ups by strengthening its workforce, in order to assert its leading position in the field of the survey to native on mobile

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Paris, 14 June 2017 – Happydemics, the start-up specialized in the survey new generation via mobile applications, has just raised 2 million euros from the investment fund of Starquest, fill, Finance, Innovation, Technology and various Business Angels such as Frédéric Mazzella, Frederick Basseto, Alexandre Ichai, Sébastien Duclos and Julien Godin of Playtwo, Olivier Mazeron, Ruben Nataf as well as. This fundraiser is an important step for a start-up that aims to revolutionise the use of the survey, two years after the launch of its commercial offering.

“It is important to have the necessary skills to continue the change begun in the area of the survey and marketing data. “, explains Tarek Ouagguini, founder of Happydemics. “This fundraising will allow us to consolidate our technology resources, and recruit profiles with which we will fine-tune our model. “, he adds.

Based in Paris, Happydemics today has 10 employees and intends to recruit about a dozen people before the end of the year 2017, including to strengthen its Data Management Platform (DMP) marketing built on the basis of responses made by the mobile users surveyed.

Starquest, investment funds oriented towards innovation, has decided to invest in this round table. Arnaud Delattre and Emmanuel Gaudé, the founder of Starquest, explained their choice : “to Know how to organise a meeting affinity between advertisers and their targets in the right place and at the right time meets the expectations of the world of communication that had been suffering since always. ”

Happydemics had raised eur 100 000 at its establishment in September 2015, with its Business Angels historical, Hervé Montoute, Thomas Prud’homme, Lilian Thibault and Serge Darrieumerlou.

“We have believed from the outset to the model of Native Feedback Happydemics. To send messages more relevant brands must engage with their customers. Happydemics is the best existing solution for this. ” says Hervé Montoute.

Tarek Ouagguini is pleased with the success of this fundraising, which proves that the French market customer insight is firmly placed in the future : “We believe in the ability of start-ups in france to become leaders in their fields, if they have the necessary support. We are pleased to see that the market is ready to take this turn, ” he said.

A beautiful growth omen therefore for Happydemics, which is also part of the 8 to 10 start-ups integrated into the acceleration program Axeleo Scale this year. “Happydemics brings a real disruption in the market survey, which is primarily physical and paper. Through the mobile, on of native formats, the solution enables you to stick as close to the experience lived by the consumer at time T, providing insights to marketing a precision unlikely to allow the construction of this DMP marketing of hyper-intentionnistes. ” says Eric Burdier, CEO and co-founder of Axeleo.

About Happydemics :
Happydemics is a start-up developing a suite of survey tool via mobile application (Native Feedback). Founded in 2015 by Tarek Ouagguini in Paris, Happydemics provides to its customers qualitative data on a large scale and immediately actionable, allowing them to optimize the ROI of their advertising campaigns, to adapt their commercial offerings or, for e-retailers, to develop a targeting CRM at a lower cost. In fact, Happydemics find the matching perfect between an audience and a content and just shoving the market aging of the surveys.
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