The sport is gaining ground in the enterprise

For the sports business, the event is an appointment not to be missed. La Baule (Loire-Atlantique) welcomes from 23 to 27 may the second world Games of this discipline multiforme and a little special, which is to make sport in company. For five days, not less than six thousand participants from fifty countries, including China and Iran, for example – are going to compete in twenty-five disciplines. On the menu, amongst others, athletics, swimming, cycling, table tennis, team sports (football, basketball, volleyball), but also the bowling, bowls, bridge, chess and sailing.

“Our sport history dates back nearly a century,” Antoine Frérot, CEO of Veolia

The world of work does not discover today the virtues of physical exercise nor its positive impact on the professional activity. “Our sport history dates back to almost a century “, reminiscent of Antoine Frérot, CEO of Veolia. But the sport is beginning to find a fair place where there was often only a leisure activity exercised outside the framework of the company, sometimes just tolerated within the walls of some of the companies. It is organized, is organized, grows, is becoming more international and would be the same, it is a shame, going on to become professional.

What is common, in fact, between these small sports associations of the former Compagnie générale des eaux, scattered on the territory and managed by the works councils of the regional, and the proud delegation of one hundred and sixty sportsmen and women, tracksuits, clothing, ceremonial, and with banners in the colours of Veolia, who landed on the beach of la Baule, determined to keep his first place in the ranking of medals acquired two years ago in Palma de Mallorca, Spain ?

Decrease in absenteeism

The sport has especially found its place in the management of human resources. “It has helped to reduce the accident, to the fight against tobacco use…

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