The social week tense Macron

History has recorded that the events of May 68 began with the student movement called “march 22” that, in addition to his opposition to the Vietnam war, called for including the opportunity for the boys to go into girls ‘ rooms at the faculty of Nanterre… Irony of the calendar, or glance of the news at fifty years distance, it is also a 22 march that the executive is going to know the first true test social of its quinquennium.

The events held at the call of many trade union federations, at the same time against the announced reforms of the public service and the SNCF, will give an idea of the temperature social in the country. At this stage, the Elysee and the government show their serenity. No longer do they have been confronted with a fall social after the reform, by orders of the labour law, Emmanuel Macron as Edouard Philippe do not think having to fear this time a spring social. “We have no more concern today than in the fall, when we was speculating already on a possible clotting social “, ensures the spokesperson of the presidency of the Republic, Bruno Roger-Petit.

Except that, in the wake of the events of 22 march, the executive will also need to face the strike-wear programmed by the representative trade unions of the SNCF, with thirty-six-day engagement announced between 3 April and 28 June, in addition to increasing frustrations of staff of medical retirement homes (Ehpad), who point to a lack of means, and retirees affected by the increase of the CSG. Anything to destabilize or at least a worry to any government.

“We will keep” Bruno Le Maire, minister of the economy

For all that, the executive does not want to believe in a buildup of social tensions. “If the trade unions did not comment today, it is as if the priest does not say mass on Sunday,” quipped a minister. In an interview…

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