“The sky of BMW darkens, while new hungry wolves come into the sheepfold car “

Losses & Profits. As observed minutely president Chirac in paraphrasing Michel Audiard, ” the dramas, it always flies in a squadron. “In the case of large sedans munichoises, they roll in tight formation. In less than three months, BMW has seen to impose customs duties chinese, a survey of the Brussels, new emissions standards european and a wave of fire in South Korea. Do not throw more ! The premium manufacturer of the most powerful of Europe had to surrender to the evidence. Its financial results for the year 2018 will not be up to expectations, for the first time in ten years. He said Tuesday 25 September that its sales could decline and its operating margin drop below 8 %. Less well as manufacturers generalists such as Toyota or PSA.

The wave to the soul of BMW is all the more painful that it affects his image of himself. And as in the last World cup, it is South Korea that has given the flick too. Last August, the manufacturer has had to recall the disaster, more than 100 000 vehicles sold in this country because some caught fire inadvertently. The legendary quality German took a shot.

Prior to this, Donald Trump has complicated the supply chain of the company with its increases of tariffs against China. Because, in retaliation, the latter has surcharged the few american exports in the Middle empire, of which the large 4 × 4 of the firm’s products in its factory american giant in South Carolina. But the flight was not full. It was missing the boost from Brussels.

Bad for the image as for the finance

He quickly came, first in the form of an investigation for cartel against BMW, Daimler and Volkswagen. These three are suspected of having agreed not to compete on the remediation systems. This makes…

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