The “Silicon Valley” of the plateau de Saclay to the test of lack of transport

“Not moving to Saclay non-line-18” : the students of AgroParisTech and mobilized, Wednesday, 28 march, on the historic site of the school in Paris, rue Claude-Bernard, to request a postponement of the project of relocation of their school, expected in 2021. The arrival of the metro has been extended, the last month, from 2024 to 2027, they point to a serious problem of accessibility.

The embryo of this Silicon Valley to the French, launched under the presidency of Nicolas Sarkozy and supported by François Hollande and Emmanuel Macron, already suffers from problems of public transport – saturated – which may become critical. In order to access the area of the Polytechnic, for example, where other engineering schools are beginning to group together, it takes a good hour from the centre of Paris. By the RER B, up to Massy-Palaiseau, and then by the bus line 91-06, clocking every four minutes at peak times is already proving to be insufficient : “in The morning, there are several queues of people waiting to get on the bus, and it is a little tight like sardines,” says an executive from a large school, which borrows from the past several years.

Another option : get off a few stations of RER later, in Lozère, and then provide twenty minutes of ascent to the middle of the trees, on a slope, sometimes steep. “I think about two times before returning to me… “, slides as well Olivier Supplisson, who borrows every day from the national School of statistics and economic administration (Ensae), and his home close to the RER station. The access has had to be closed a few days during the episode of snow and ice of February, just like school.

Lack of shops

On the plateau, the saturation of transport can be seen already in daily life, for personal and now 10 200 students – 4 000 arrived in September in favour of moving CentraleSupelec…

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