The shipowner MSC buys three ships more, in Saint-Nazaire

Great news for Saint-Nazaire (Loire-Atlantique). On the occasion of the visit of the minister of economy, Bruno The Mayor, Thursday, June 14, a command of three enormous ships had to be formalized. The last great French shipyard, which had failed to sink in 2012-2013, will have a book of orders filled until 2026.

In may 2017, after having visited the gigantic ship MSC Meraviglia is just finished in Saint-Nazaire, Emmanuel Macron was ecstatic : “in Front of this cathedral on the water, I am proud of what you have done, had declared the new president of the Republic, the workers in blue work. The long-term is here. This company who lived in the anguish of the following day, there was now a backlog that she has never experienced before. ”

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The megalomania of the cruise

A year later, its minister could be even more enthusiastic. Not only were the two ships of the series as World Class for which the shipowner MSC had put an option on the occasion of the visit of Mr. Macron are now the subject of a firm order. But the cruise company added a third building, the type of Meraviglia, which had until now never been mentioned. The three giants of the seas will be delivered in 2022, 2023 and 2024. All will be powered by liquefied natural gas, a fuel which is less polluting than oil and conventional.

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