The shareholders get the dismantling of General Electric

The dinosaurs of industrial dies also. A few years ago, who would have predicted that General Electric (GE), the company’s flagship Wall Street and pride of the made in America, should focus on three occupations : aircraft engines, turbines, power plants and renewable energy ? It is this strategy of attrition has announced its CEO, John Flannery, Tuesday, June 26, during a conference call, confirming a trend initiated since his appointment, express, in August 2017, after the ouster of Jeffrey Immelt, has been in office since 2001.

Why not keep these activities ? “Their economic model is very similar, he replied. This are products of high technology, highly differentiated, their install base is huge and requires service contracts to long-term. “These three trades will have to win independence from the siege of Boston, for their strategy and its implementation,-he said. This decentralisation is, according to him, essential to the recovery of a giant in the managerial practices that are too heavy.

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