The Service Centre of the DSI has to reinvent itself

It Services can now offer a Service Centre more in line with the expectations of the users.

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Loic Besnard, Product evangelist, Senior Director, EasyVista

Expert opinion – Noisy le Grand – June 20, 2017 – The service support must today reinvent itself to offer a new experience to users who are not just looking for an answer to their computer problem. The appropriation of new uses and technologies evolving faster and faster, it departments are faced with the level of service expected by the users today. The automation of process and content is necessary, therefore, to shorten response times and increase user satisfaction.

The automation and there to manage all its aspects and to save time at the service desk. In both responses, the identification of the problem, and its follow-up : if all of the follow-up steps are accessible and known at all times by the applicant, the Service Desk does not waste his time responding to various reminders of the users, but actually focus on the resolution of the request, problem or incident in question.
A real gain of time and a minimum comfort for the employees.

But to go further it is possible to opt for several options in order to provide a service much more pointed for the users.

– the DSI little bit, after having installed the portal for IT services, extending it to other services of the company such as corporate services, HR, logistics, customer service … And the employee and a single point of entry for all services offered by the company, and their administration is simple because centrally through different workflows assigned to the right audience for effective management.

– the DSI can put in place a Business Intelligence tool that analyzes incidents and requests in different periods and according to different changes in order to obtain a predictive tool and thus mitigate the incidents and requests upstream. This new functionality can be restored in order to serve the communication of the DSI from users. (They will possibly in the past actions and will be reassured to see that it was helpful for others)

– the DSI can incorporate a catalog of service much more important to bring a higher added value and to anticipate tomorrow’s needs of its employees, contractors, partners, resellers…

– the DSI can integrate a knowledge base smarter, more in-depth and interactive, enabling employees to find a quick solution to their request in a succession of questions that will be itself useful to the service desk if in-fine, the solution is not found.

– the DSI can have a virtual assistant who is always with a base of thorough knowledge, but with algorithms-very specific, will be able to propose different ways of responding to problems and ideally anticipate (always under the supervision of the service desk in order to avoid drift).

This is not science fiction it is of the different options and forecasts which will be available very soon.

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