“The sense of security is not an option for chinese tourists “

Forum. The Chinese love France, its capital, its gastronomy and, increasingly, its vineyards, its regions… but it’s enough that the chinese media relayed the shocking images of a group of tourists attacked in France for all the work of the actors of the tourist sector in question. If France remains the first world tourist destination, it does not point to the 7th place of the most attractive destinations for chinese tourists. Behind Germany ! Looking for the error…

The work of the actors in the tourism sector, in close collaboration with the authorities, has allowed to win back the chinese customers, which returns in force in our country after the long period of slowdown that began with the attacks of 2015. The Prefecture of police of Paris has worked on this subject prior to the Convention, the paris security signed in July. A label “safe-site” has been put in place (link to PDF).

Things are progressing but nothing is ever acquired. While we look forward to welcoming soon in major international events on our soil, as the rugby world Cup in 2023, the olympic Games in 2024 or the universal Exhibition in 2025, it is imperative for our industry to continue to secure the reception of foreign tourists to ensure that tourism remains an economic mainstay for France.

We have all witnessed recently. A single fault in a safety procedure, however, very strict (because of travellers parked in an area that is not appropriate and non-secure), just need to the criminals to jump on the opportunity and attack a group of tourists.

Seine-Saint-Denis and Seine-et-Marne

For several years, however, we have put in place a security policy worthy of the most highly secure ! It provides, at the finish of each because of the tourists, the coordination of the hotel with the driver of the bus, the tour operator,…

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