The seniors and the add health Survey OpinionWay for France Mutuelle

Between two maturities democratic important for the future of France, France Mutuelle has interviewed the seniors about their vision of complementary health and what they can expect from the president newly elected. If the survey confirms the satisfaction of the senior vis-à-vis their complementary health, we also discover a discount in question of health policy.

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Expectations and fears expressed vis-à-vis health policy

Expressing their expectations of the new President of the Republic, the seniors wish that health care is improved, 67% wanting to increase the number of doctors, nurses and caregivers, and 60% wishing to open further houses of health. Seniors are also concerned about the cost of health, 63% that want a better control over prices charged by opticians and audiologists and 48% wanting to removed the ability for doctors to make the exceedances of fees. Echoing the shortcomings that they point in the complementary health, seniors believe that the new President should work on a better support for alternative medicine (48%).

A questioning of the economic model of health care is also advanced by a party of seniors. 46% would like to impose a business model non-profit insurance, and nearly a quarter (24%) believe that the reimbursements from the Sickness Insurance should be indexed to household income.

A majority of seniors surveyed (62%) express concerns regarding the behaviour of insurers and mutuals. In the Face of the multiplication of the tools to the cloud, a majority (55%) expressed concern that insurers and mutuals have a day access to their health data and use it to adapt their contributions to the state of their health. 51% are also concerned that insurers and mutuals seek to obtain data on their life-style and use this information to adjust their contributions.

Conscious of human contact, a large majority of seniors (71%) believes it is important to interact daily with other people to stay in good health. The importance of assertive human contact and fear to 42% as robots, telemedicine gradually replace nurses and caregivers who are moving home.

An overall satisfaction of seniors vis-à-vis complementary health

Public particularly concerned by the health issues, seniors are, in their quasi-totality (95%), subscribing to a complementary health and clearly display their satisfaction (92%).

The ratio service/price of the complementary health appears as the main grievance put forward by the seniors not satisfied with their supplementary health (52%). Not eligible for subscription solely on the basis of their needs, one-third of seniors were not satisfied (34%) believes that the reimbursements to which they are entitled are not really suitable, while 12% emit critics about the terms of repayment.

The satisfaction expressed in the complementary health is reflected in the choices made at the time of retirement. Assets with group coverage, and being obliged to change supplementary health, express in the first place is the desire to keep the contract they currently have (32%), while 13% seek advice directly from their mutual business.

Finally, some will choose the cheapest bid, whether by necessity (9%) or by principle (3%). The choice of a complementary is therefore more to the satisfaction of the additional current and of the response to the needs of the price alone.

Despite overall satisfaction, some areas of improvement are desired by seniors

If they are satisfied overall, a majority of seniors who have subscribed to a complementary health notes however some shortcomings, including on the coverage of certain healthcare costs (60%). Is, above all, desired more coverage of the expenses related to dental care (27%) to the view (25%) or hearing (16%). Alternative medicine seem to not be covered optimally, 20% expressing the wish that they be better taken care of. 8% would like to invest for the long term by requesting support services to preserve their health capital. The seniors, for whom the prospect of a placement in a specialized centre can be a source of concern, would like to the 17% benefit from a coverage that will remain at home for as long as possible.

If a majority finds that there are some gaps, 38% of seniors who have subscribed to a complementary health see that nothing is missing and show very satisfied.

Despite the image of a generation unaccustomed to new technologies, seniors consider to be important to the management on the internet of their complementary health, whether to purchase their contract (55%) or for the ongoing management of their contracts of complementary health (62%). A quarter of seniors (26%) even considers that the daily management of their complementary health on the internet is essential.

“This survey, rich in teachings, shows us that despite the satisfaction of the senior vis-à-vis their complementary health, many tracks are to be explored to improve our services even more. In phase with their time, and despite the received ideas, they really like the new technologies and alternative medicine, we listen ! ” said Natasha Minasso, Director Commercial, Marketing & Communication of France Mutuelle.


The study of The elderly, and complementary health carried out for France Mutuelle, is intended to understand the practices and expectations of seniors in terms of health coverage, as well as the difficulties they encounter.
This study was conducted with a sample of 1016 people, representative of the French population aged 55 years and older, constituted according to the method of quotas, in terms of the criteria of gender, age, socio-professional category and region of residence.
The interviews were conducted by questionnaire self-administered online (515 people) on system CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interview) and by phone on a CATI system (501 people) on CATI system (Computer Assisted Telephone Interview)
The interviews were conducted from 10 to 15 may 2017.
Any publication, total or partial, must use the full mention : “Survey OpinionWay for France Mutuelle” and there is no resumption of the investigation could not be severed from this title.
OpinionWay also points out that the results of this survey should be read taking into account the margins of uncertainty : 1.5 to 3 points for a sample of 1000 respondents.
OpinionWay has conducted this survey by applying the procedures and rules of the ISO standard


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