The Scuderia Ferrari team visit the headquarters of EightCap, Melbourne

The seat of EightCap, Melbourne has hosted several members of the Scuderia Ferrari team, including the team manager, Mattia Binotto, during their visit to the Australian Grand Prix.

EightCap, online broker Melbourne, has partnered with Scuderia Ferrari prior to the start of the season 2019 of the Formula 1®.

In an interview with Jayde Cotic, market analyst at EightCap, Mattia Binotto spoke of the values shared between the Eightcap and Scuderia.

Joel Murphy, president and CEO of EightCap, welcomed Mattia Binotto and to the Scuderia Ferrari team in Melbourne. This welcome included a session of education on the platform and in-house teams of EightCap.

It was a pleasure to receive Mattia and his team in our office. Being one of the newest partners of the Scuderia Ferrari, we wanted to show the team director, the operation of EightCap, as well as our services as a trading company financial. We were able to present to the team a live demonstration of our software in order to prove that faster is better, as on the track.

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