The salaries of the big bosses French resume their spiralling trend observed

“The big wages raise the finger ! “, launched in 1982, the chief executive officer of a insurance firm played by Jean Poiret in a film by Denys Granier-Deferre. Thirty-five years later, they are more numerous, among the bosses, having to designate themselves as well. In 2017, the CEO of the CAC 40 hit in average 5.1 million euros, a jump of 14% year on year, according to a study by Proxinvest Wednesday, October 24.

This is the first time since the consulting firm to the investor switches to the screens for the salaries of big bosses, than the average for the CAC 40 crosses the threshold of 5 million euros. And yet, this figure does not include the cost to the companies, additional pension schemes, the so-called ” top-hat pension plans “, for lack of adequate transparency.

In 2016, the remuneration of the CEO stars were down 9 %. With the economic upswing and rising stock markets, they are clearly bounced back in 2017. A rise similar is recorded, beyond the CAC, the patterns of the first 120 groups listed French : on average, their total compensation has increased by 10 % in a year, and reaches nearly 3.8 million euros, its highest level in history.

Annual compensation of the big bosses
Average in the first 120 French companies (SBF 120)

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