The rumors of a takeover of Commerzbank by a competitor for foreign intensify

The Commerzbank will she pass into the hands of a competing foreign ? The rumors that lend themselves to several european institutions, including the French BNP Paribas and Credit agricole, the views on the second German bank, have further strengthened on Tuesday 24 October. According to the Financial Times, which relies on multiple sources close to the matter, Commerzbank seems to seriously prepare themselves for the scenario of a takeover by a foreign bank. According to the british daily, she has recruited the two banks specialist consultants in operations, merger and acquisition, Goldman Sachs and the Rothschild bank, to advise it on this subject. The three schools have refused to comment on the information.

Any project of redemption would imply to persuade Berlin to support the operation. Commerzbank, rescued by the taxpayer in the wake of the financial crisis, is still owned 15 % by the federal State. This month, the ministry of finance had indicated that it was not in a hurry to liquidate its stake in Commerzbank. At the current rate of the bank, says one to the ministry, the package of shares worth 2.2 billion euros, which would mean a significant loss to the taxpayer in the case of immediate sale. Depending on the outcome of the negotiations of the coalition, the wind, however, could turn to : the liberal Christian Lindner, who has not hidden his ambitions to take the estate of Wolfgang Schäuble at the Wilhelmstrasse, has often advocated that the State separates from all its investments in private companies.

A new phase of restructuring

Next to paris, it would be apparently a good eye a takeover of Commerzbank by a French bank. “We are building in Europe’s banking union. A reconciliation of the institutions from different european countries can be positive, ” said the economy minister Bruno Le Maire, on the 9th October last, in reference to the…

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