“The right to disconnect should not become a gadget managerial “

Forum. “This e-mail may be transmitted out of your time working but you have no obligation to read and respond to out of your work time “. It is a friend who has sent me an email that she had just received with this mention at the bottom of the page. This made us laugh, because we had to discover it… have already read it all ! She added : “Yet another initiative” QVT ” (quality of life at work), which seeks to protect the company and its employees… “.

I’m reminded of a interview with a part, in addition to receiving a request to sign and return to the seat of a “charter of good practice of computer tools” intended to preserve its balance of personal and professional : “to Say that it is precisely the one that floods me messages in the evening, at night, during my holidays, my weekends, which prompts me to return it to him signed ! “.

The right to the disconnection follows the overall movement of legalization on the one hand, “gadgétisation” on the other hand, the famous ” quality of work life “.

On one side, the risk is growing : an IFOP study shows that 78 % of managers are reviewing their business communications on the weekend or in vacation, to those who say they do often increase of 6 %, when the stress Observatory “means” having to deal with complex information and numerous ” as the first factor of the hyper-stress of the employees.

Practices do not move

The other flower shields legal issuing injunctions paradoxical, widening even more the gap between the work “prescribed” and working ” real “, accompanied sometimes of days disconnected that, if they mark the minds and (especially) the media, do that and accumulate the messages that will be taken during this time a day late.

There is also a wide selection of applications summarizing all of the solution to a single tool. Each of the…

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