“The return of Nintendo and Sony, mask real differences between the two japanese groups “

Chronic ” Loss & Profit “. They had suffered losses to repetition, and bit the dust. But the annual results of Nintendo and Sony show : samurai video game and electronics are back. More than ever, or almost. Nintendo, first to reveal its accounts on Thursday 26 April, has reached, during the fiscal year ended at the end of march, to an operating income six times higher than that of the previous year. The net profit to 140 billion yen (1 billion euros), is the strongest recorded since 2010 by the creator of Mario, Zelda or Pokémon. And sales have doubled in a year !

The figures presented Friday, April 27, by Sony mark a renewal is equally spectacular, with a net profit never before seen in the history of the inventor of the PlayStation : 491 billion yen (€3.7 billion), seven times more than in the previous year.

As in the best films from Sony Pictures, it would be easy to make a parallel montage showing the resurrection quasi-simultaneous of two samurai. The sequence of opening would be in early 2010, lame one as the other, Nintendo struck by the failure of its Wii U console, Sony has been undermined by the setbacks of the PlayStation 3 too expensive, the competition from Samsung in the mobile phones, not to mention the difficulties in the computer.

Would close-ups of the men in charge to straighten the bar, Satoru Iwata, and then Tatsumi Kimishima for Nintendo, and the famous Kazuo Hirai – ” Kaz ” for fans of video games – in Sony. They would tighten the costs, restructure, and launch successful products, like the PlayStation 4, which dominates the world of the game, and the console Switch, Nintendo sold 18 million copies in a year. The last scene would be the one saying farewell, in this month of April 2018, each of the two CEOS confident in its income group at the top to a new generation…

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