The results of Nintendo charged by the success of the Switch

The new console of Nintendo is not that the happiness of the amateurs of video games, she was also the investors. On Tuesday, the action of the japanese group gained more than 4 % in a session and moved to its highest levels since September 2008. Its value has already almost doubled since the launch of the console Switch in march. It must be said that the figures announced by the directorate on the occasion of the publication of half-yearly results, Monday 30 October, are more than encouraging : with 4.89 million Switch have already been sold since the end of march, as well as 22 million games. Before the success, the japanese group hopes to now sell $ 14 million over the fiscal year 2017-2018, compared with 10 million planned earlier.

With the Switch, Nintendo played big, after the commercial failure of the Wii U, launched in 2012, and sold only 13.5 million units, until the abandonment of its launch in early 2017. “The video game market is complicated, where one is not entitled to two consecutive failures,” explains Laurent Michaud, a researcher at the institute Idate, Montpellier.

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