“The restructuring of the ownership of the companies is going to affect our economic environment “

Forum. The economic forecasts often focus on the financial aspect of the business. The stock Exchanges are overvalued, and will they collapse ? Inflation will she return ? The central banks will raise interest rates ? All these questions are legitimate, but they obscure sometimes the essential. The wave background, which will affect 2018 could well be a significant realignment of the global economy and its main actors, large companies.

Five technology companies in the u.s. have more than 500 billion of liquidity available

Businesses in general have a short life. In the 1970s, she was forty years of age. Today, it fell to less than eighteen years of age. The cabinet of council in strategy McKinsey estimates that by 2027 three-quarters of the listed companies on the S&P 500 will be gone. To understand this phenomenon of mass destruction, we must turn to several major events that will determine our economic environment and business in 2018.

There has never been as much money in liquid markets. The combined balance sheets of the nine largest central banks exceeds 18 000 billion dollars (about 15 € 400 billion). The ten largest sovereign wealth funds in the world manage more than 10,000 billion dollars. Five technology companies in the u.s. have more than 500 billion dollars of cash available. Finally, the large american and european companies are benefiting as a whole more than 3 000 billion of cash on their balance sheets.

The objective of the tax reform american

In addition, large u.s. corporations continue to retain a significant portion of such cash outside the United States. The administration Trump is estimated that over 1 400 billion in accumulated profits of these companies that have not been repatriated. Apple would have more than 260 billion…

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