The reasons for the alliance between Tencent and Spotify in the music streaming

Spotify is the first streaming platform in the world, and the division of music of Tencent, the giant chinese media, have announced an acquisition of a minority interest on mutual, Friday, 8 December. For both platforms, these investments, the amount of which has not been unveiled, should enable them to strengthen their catalog and their ability to negotiate licenses with the companies of music production. To reassure investors in view of potential ipos in the next year for both companies.

Spotify dominates the western market, with 140 million active users, of which 60 million subscribers paying $ 10 per month at a minimum. Tencent, through its three platforms- KuGou, QQ Music, KuWo – has nearly 700 million monthly users, but only 15 million of them paying for its services. However, Spotify is not present in China and Tencent, is only at the beginning of the monetization of its subscribers.

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