The “reason” for the company can wait

Forum. Nicole Notat, the former boss of the CFDT, and Jean-Dominique Senard, the current boss of Michelin, are not revolutionary. In their report on The company, the subject of collective interest “, they do not address the really glaring imbalance of power that prevails within companies.

They tried only to encourage the management, for provisions primarily of a symbolic nature, to take account of other goals beside profit. However, contrary to the government communication, the bill Pact (action Plan for growth and business transformation) revealed on June 18, has largely stripped of their proposals to their modest content.

The report Notat-Senard suggested a very modest increase in the number of administrators employed in large firms, so that it approaches 20 % (compared to 50 % in large German companies). The proposed increase in the Covenant is still below. But the most amazing is the thoroughness with which, as a result of the intensive lobbying of the Medef and the French Association of private companies (AFEP, which represents more than one hundred and ten major private groups operating in France), the three proposals case that opened plants the door to a possible pluralism of the objectives of the company have been disfigured or censored.

It is known that the company does not exist in the French law, which does not know that the company formed by the shareholders. Number of actors in this debate are advocating the legal recognition of the enterprise : recognise that it is a collective adventure that is not limited to the providers of capital is a condition for a genuine power-sharing can be considered.


The report Notat-Senard was not so far away. He was merely trying to evoke “the self-interest of the society” : “society must be managed in its interest…

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