The raw milk price increase for the product course every member of must work together to

The product course every participant needs to come together in Hungary, production of raw milk price increase in order on this question in a single opinion representing the National agricultural economics Chamber (NAK) members, so that the purchasers, the producers and traders – said Lakatos Katalin, the president of spokesman for the M1 current channel on Thursday.

He added that the countries need good quality of English milk, because if the population is primarily import products you consume, then you will be in danger the whole Hungarian dairy market product course.

Lakatos Katalin reported that the problem comes from the fact that the European Union of some countries of the raw milk per kilogram price reached the 43-44 cents (130-133 huf), while in Hungary, the raw milk price of 90-92 huf, and stagnant.

The presidency’s spokesman said only then there is a chance that the producers don’t take him abroad for the good quality Hungarian milk, if raw milk domestic price approaches the export to the available price.

However, he also pointed out that if it rises to the Hungarian raw milk prices then the increase is likely to be the full market trickle-down.

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