The Perco, a good engine lack of fuel

In the toolbox for retirement, savings plan for collective retirement (Perco) occupies a special place : it is to be subscribed by the company for the account of its employees. This is the big brother of the company savings plan (PEE), but with one big difference : the savings are blocked until retirement, except accidents of life such as death, disability or over-indebtedness. The day came, the employee has the option to withdraw all his capital in one time, make partial withdrawals according to his needs, or turn it into a lifetime annuity. The tax does not encourage us to choose this last solution : a fraction of the annuity is taxable with the other pensions, while the output in capital is tax free.

Only 6% of companies have purchased such a device, mainly the largest

This device is far from being generalized : according to the Association française de gestion (AFG), 230 000 businesses are equipped with and 2.5 million employees are beneficiaries. The department of statistics of the ministry of labour (Dares) indicates that 6% of companies have purchased such a device, mainly the bigger ones : 42 % of those employing more than 1,000 employees have set up a Perco, compared with 4 % of those employing 10 to 49 employees. The differences are also very important according to the professional branches : if 80 % of the companies in the sector of coking and refining propose this device, they are only 6.4 per cent, for example, in the accommodation and food. The amounts managed under these plans remain also modest : € 15.3 billion, according to the AFG. Is, on average, 6 to 120 euros per employee. Difficult in these conditions, to consider it as a retirement supplement…

Several sources to fuel its Perco

To feed their Perco, the employees can rely on multiple sources. The main ones are…

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