“The Paradise Papers” : the container magnetized by tax havens

The happy owners of yachts are not only to go to mass by tax havens, as shown by the ” Paradise Papers “. For the large ships that carry goods, the practice is widespread and is perfectly legal. This is what highlights a study released November 5 by SeaIntel, a consultant specialized in the economy of the sea. Since 1980, the merchant marine operates on “a continuous motion to tax havens,” notes the firm. To the point that they are now – at least legally – two to three boats on four.

The experts of SeaIntel have focused their analysis on the container, these buildings, which can carry from a few hundred up to 20 000 “boxes” filled with t-shirts, oranges, computers, etc, Where are they registered ? Increasingly in tax havens. In 1980, only 12 % of the containers transported by sea were on ships flying the flag of States like Liberia or Cyprus, considered as tax havens by the us Congress. Year-to-year, this share has continued to climb, until you reach… 74 % in 2017, according to SeaIntel. And, even if this proportion has remained stable for the past three years, “we can’t conclude that it has hit a ceiling,” stresses the study.

Today, the first six States registration of the container are all tax havens, according to the american definition : Liberia, Panama, hong Kong, Singapore, Malta and the Marshall islands.

Salaries of filipino

The appellation “tax haven” is highly debated, SeaIntel has made the same calculation by adopting a “black list” is limited, which excludes hong Kong and Malta. After soaring from less than 10 % in 1980 to 58 % in 2013, the share of tax havens has slightly decreased again, to return to 53 % in 2017. But, even following this second approach, SeaIntel notes that, during thirty years, the…

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