The offer of rental of Leasys (Group FCA Bank) now available in France

FCA Fleet Services France, Rental Company Group’s Long-Term FCA BANK (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Crédit Agricole), becomes LEASYS France in the framework of the international development of the company LEASYS SpA.

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Created in 2001, LEASYS SpA is the leader in the sector of Long Term Rental (LLD) in Italy. With a fleet of over 150,000 vehicles VP and SEEN, mainly but not exclusively of the Group’s brands Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, its offer is addressed to large companies, SMES, administrations, liberal professions and individuals.

LEASYS SpA has launched an expansion program in Europe that will offer all of its services in the countries where FCA Bank is already present.

Current 2017, the international expansion becomes reality with the opening of new subsidiaries in Spain, Germany, Belgium and the unification of the societies already existing in the United Kingdom, the netherlands, and particularly in France.

LEASYS France will pursue the development of its Leasing activity Long-Term, building on the experience gained on the French market since more than 20 years.

Capitalizing the know-how and the technology of LEASYS SpA and with the expansion of the new range of products FCA, such as the Alfa Romeo Stelvio and Giulia, Fiat Tipo and Jeep Compass, Leasys France will develop new business opportunities.

In this framework, LEASYS France has also announced the launch, in collaboration with FCA France, of BE FREE PRO. This offer of LLD innovative and flexible is intended for SMES and professionals, no input required and no compensation for early return after the 24th month of the lease. With BE FREE PRO, the monthly payments proposed are extremely attractive.

For LLD on 48 month and 60 000 km including warranty services, maintenance, assistance and insurance financial loss, the costs of rentals are for example:

– Fiat Panda 189 €/month
– Fiat 500 199 €/month
– Fiat Tipo (5 door or SW) 229 €/month
– Fiat 500X 259 €/month
– Alfa Romeo Giulietta 299 €/month
– Alfa Romeo Giulia 399 € /month
– Alfa Romeo Stelvio 499 €/month
– Jeep Renegade 299 €/month
– Jeep Compass 368 €/month
– Jeep Cherokee 499 €/month
– Jeep Grand Cherokee 719 €/month
– Fiat Doblo 199 €HT/month
– Fiat Ducato 299 €HT/month.

Thus, LEASYS France will be able to better respond to the needs and expectations of its Customers. The implementation of new tools, such as the new website more interactive, and the new Customer portal ” MyLeasys “, make it possible for business Customers to easily manage their fleet of vehicles.

Denis Vitellaro will have the responsibility of Leasys France, under the coordination of Rolando Arco, responsible for the Group’s subsidiaries FCA Bank in France.

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