The offensive of the boss of OVH in the face to the giants of the Net, americans and chinese

He said so himself. Octave Klaba now has “more time” since he was hired in June, Michel Paulin, ex-director general of SFR, to take in hand the operational management of OVH, its society of the “cloud” (cloud computing) and Web hosting founded 19 years ago. Now, the native of Poland is going to devote his free time to the strategy of his company. But not only that. The one who remained long away from the cameras and the light also wants to launch a counter-offensive of the european against the giants of the Net, americans and chinese.

Has the image of all politicians, he laments the low number of unicorns in european, these companies are not publicly traded and valued more than a billion euros. “In 2021, OVH will make a billion euros of turnover, it will be even more of a unicorn. But I feel a little alone in this case. The problem is that there is no ecosystem european. There are embryos to Paris, to Berlin, etc., But everything is fragmented, ” he says.

In order to rectify the problem, Mr. Klaba wants to create a european club to major start-up promising digital, in order to share best practices and recipes to be winning. “It is not a political project, but rather a manifesto of entrepreneurs,” he explains from his offices brand new in the 17th arrondissement of Paris. There is a european path to follow, without copy the Chinese, or the Silicon Valley. “

Delay of Europe

According to Mr. Klaba, the main problem in explaining the backwardness of Europe lies not so much in issues related to regulatory or funding, even if it conspue the strategies to the foreclosure of the tax put in place by the GAFA (the acronym for Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon), synonyms of distortion of competition.

The secret to success would rather the talents and the organization. “When I meet with companies such as…

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