“The monkey is the coolest of the jungle”: H&M withdraws an advertisement that is deemed racist

Hennes and Mauritz (H&M) announced on Monday the withdrawal of a photo which has earned him many accusations of racism, primarily on the social networks, and apologized. The photo in question, an advertisement, showed a black child wearing a sweat-shirt with this inscription: “the Coolest monkey in the jungle” (in French: “The monkey is the coolest of the jungle”).

“Whose idea was it to @hm for having this little boy in black wearing a sweat-shirt saying ‘The monkey is the coolest of the jungle’?”, rose up the supermodel Stephanie Yeboah, Sunday on Twitter. “I am disgusted…”, she added.

“The image has been removed from all the channels H&M,” assured a spokesman of the brand to the AFP. The photo of the sweat shirt not worn still accessible online.

“We apologize to the people who may have been offended,” added the group.

The “monkey is the coolest” and “the expert in survival,” I’ll let you guess which embodies the animal, and which embodies the explorer at H&M… pic.twitter.com/ObSWYQV4uP

— Widad.K (@widadk) January 8, 2018

After Dove and Zara

It is not the first time that a major brand can be found in this situation. In 2014, the brand of Spanish clothes Zara had to withdraw from the sale a marinara for children featuring a yellow star, which caused outrage for its resemblance to the star imposed on Jews by the nazis. Last October, it is the turn of the cosmetics brand Dove, apologising after you have posted online an advertisement, which has resulted in numerous accusations of racism.

The advertisement showed a black woman taking off a t-shirt to reveal a white woman, and redhead, which even removes his tee-shirt and reveals a third woman brunette dark complexion.

(with AFP)

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