The MIF multi-awarded for its good performance

Paris, 12 June 2017 – As every year, the press of reference in terms of savings is the reward for the different actors of the market of life insurance. 2017 has again proved to be a year particularly successful for the MIF, which sees its performance without equal five-year (18,53%) greeted by a Large Golden Trophy, a Grand Prize and 4 Labels of Excellence.

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For the 4th consecutive year, the MIF won the Grand Prize of the Life Insurance 2017 of the magazine mieux Vivre votre Argent for the class fund, in euros, for the first time since the creation of the Award, “standard exclusive of the supply of life insurance of financial institutions” by the rigor of its methodology and the number of contracts analyzed (more than 200).

“And then there were four ! The MIF has won our Grand Prize of the life insurance for the fourth consecutive year… The rate of return of the fund in euros, has certainly fallen sharply in 2016, rising to 2,60%, compared to 3.30 per cent in 2016, but it remains among the best in the market. Better, the reserves of performance of the mutual, close to 3 %, on assets under management of € 4 billion, are promising for the future… The finding of this cru 2017 is clear : the good contracts have a tendency to stay. ”

Mieux Vivre votre Argent n°422 – May 2017

On the occasion of the awarding of the prize, the 19th of April, Olivier FELT, General Manager of the MIF, attributed this success renewed the MIF to the quality of the financial management (internally managed), the adequacy and effectiveness of the distribution model (without any intermediary), the mastery of the management fee (among the lowest in the market), as well as the operational quality and to the strategy defined by the Board of directors.

Large Gold Trophy 2017 Life Insurance contracts of the Income For the first time, the MIF has been awarded the Big Gold Trophy at Trophy 2017 life insurance contracts held by The Income.

This reward is to spend the MIF, which had already been distinguished by a Gold Trophy during the 4 previous editions.

Awarded during the awards ceremony on the 23rd of march last, this distinction is coming to reward the “Savings Account Transmission” as the best contract in euros in the market, among the hundreds studied, based on 26 criteria, including costs and yields.

“Author of a progression of 34% in eight years, this contract is the most powerful of our selection. The management fee of only 0.35 %, one of the most competitive in the market of insurance life, participate to the good running of the performance. Especially, with the equivalent of almost 3% of reserves of performance ( increase of 0.46 percentage point), to be used within eight years, the MIF should be able to sustainably support its future performance. ”

Income n°227 – April 2017

4 Labels of Excellence “Life Insurance” 2017 Records of the savings

This makes 7 years that the products of the MIF to obtain a label of Excellence, ” Life Insurance “, awarded by The Dossiers de l’epargne, which reward the products most in line with the expectations of individuals, namely : the quality of information on clients, flexibility, accessibility, transparency, and competitiveness.

This year, the 4 products have been distinguished : the ” savings Account Free Future “, the ” Savings Account Transmission “, as well as the contracts, “MIF inter-generational” and ” MIF Project life “.

“An impact fee is very reduced fees on payments on a sliding scale from 2% to 1 % and reduced management fees (0,35 %). The fund euro is very powerful on 2016 as the 3 and 5 years. ”

The records of the savings n°201 – April 2017

The good performance and the numerous awards that are regularly granted therefore offer even to the MIF of beautiful perspectives for the years to come.

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Life insurer is a mutual company since 1865, the MIF (Mutuelle d’ivry – the Fraternal)markets savings products and pension and simple and efficient to support its members at every stage of their life.

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