“The meter Linky is a major tool at the service of the energy transition “

Forum. The meter Linky, the deployment of which by Enedis is being made across the territory, never-ending debates surrounding : their costs, on their alleged effects on health, on issues related to personal data, malfunctions supposed to be repeated.

It is urgent and necessary to make proof of pedagogy on this subject, because the meter Linky is a major tool at the service of the energy transition. In addition to the simplification evident that they represent for the operators, they allow you to control more efficiently the network, integrate new ways of production, new forms of consumption and, most importantly, they allow consumers to know better and therefore have better control over their power consumption.

This access to information could enable up to 23 % energy savings, according to a study by the CNRS (” What do people “learn by looking” at direct feedback on their energy consumption ? Results of a field study in Southern France “, Adnane Kendel, Nathalie Lazaric, Kevin Marechal – CNRS, Universities of Nice Sophia Antipolis and of Liège, Energy Policy n° 108, September 2017).

Eight million consumers already equipped

It seems to us that this is an opportunity because it is a major component of the energy transition promoted currently at the highest summit of the French State. The deployment of these new meters, provided by the law of energy transition, is a component that is dear to the deputies of the nation that we are. As at 31 December 2017, nearly eight million consumers are already equipped with meters Linky. There is no malfunction and / or complaint generalized.

The waves emitted by the system Linky are of the same order of magnitude as those emitted by a tv or a crt screen

Sébastien Lecornu, secretary of State, with Nicolas Hulot, minister of the ecological transition and solidarity, the…

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