“The marketing strategy of the company must value the knowledge of the “community managers” “

Forum. Few occupations accessible to the “literary” have recruited in recent years as community manager. These professionals, appeared at the end of the 2000s, are now found in almost all organizations. Their mission ? Tweet and post to maintain the dialogue of brands with their consumers, create a link to the online communities, make the buzz…

Investments in these activities are now experiencing double-digit growth and now exceed 10 % of the marketing spend, overall. But how do you measure their effectiveness ?

Number of practices facilitators of digital community are in fact designed primarily to raise the measurements of their performance !

Unfamiliar social networks, a lot of marketing departments are thinking in fact almost exclusively from indicators. Their landmarks : the growth of their community and the rate of commitment of its members, in other words the number of times that the messages about the brand are shared, “likés” or commented out.

These indicators, which are similar formally to the traditional measures of audience of the media, have in their eyes the merit of being at once simple and reassuring. If the curves are trending up, everything is going well !

Our research shows the perverse effects of this type of evaluation (” Influence of Social Media Management on the Evolution of the Internet Marketspace “, phd thesis defended in 2017 under the direction of Laurent Bertrandias).

For four years, we have analyzed the exchanges between community managers on their forums and blogs professionals and increased the number of interviews in order to better understand the daily reality of their activity. Rarely specifically trained in this craft fairly new, they talk a lot, influence each other. And it became clear that many…

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